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Dan Richards, PTA

Clinic Director

Contact Information

Dan grew up in the DuBois area and graduated from First Baptist Church Academy (DuBois Christian School). He went on to receive a Wildlife Technology degree at Penn State DuBois. After graduating from college, Dan spent thirteen years in York County, working in the printing industry before moving back to DuBois in 2010. He returned to Penn State DuBois in 2011 and received his PTA degree in 2013. Since then, he has spent nine years treating patients in his hometown. Dan’s daily objective is to demonstrate the love of Christ to his patients by catering to their physical, spiritual, and emotional needs.

Dan lives near Treasure Lake with his wife Bobbi and their three cats. In his time away from the clinic, he hosts a weekly church service at the county jail, participates in various ministries at his church, and spends quality time with his family. Dan is an avid outdoorsman and fitness enthusiast, as well.

Dan looks forward to serving his community through passionate patient care and helping all those in need.



(814) 913-0217

Dan Richards, PTA
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