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Stacy Dixon, PTA

Clinical Director

Stacy Dixon holds an Associate Degree from Penn State University, from which she graduated in 2003.

Stacy is a Physical Therapist Assistant who has served the Clearfield Area for 19 years. Stacy’s knowledge, experience, and personality have allowed her to treat patients in countless situations successfully. Moreover, her love of family and caring nature has allowed her to connect with patients in a way that has created deep family bonds.

She excels at patient care and knows biomechanics and treatment options. Stacy truly believes in the work she does. One of her main goals is to teach patients and her community the importance of proper body mechanics and techniques to avoid injury. Over the years, she has found a passion for athletics and sports medicine and has become proficient with successful Kinesio taping in various settings. Stacy has worked alongside multiple physical therapists in an outpatient environment for nearly 20 years and has cared for different diagnoses.

Stacy is excited to implement her long-term experience and knowledge to work with patients of all ages in our community for improved mobility and overall function.

During her time off, she can be found with her family: Chris, her husband, and two children, Haley and Caleb, and their newest addition Samson, a boxer puppy. Stacy enjoys the outdoors, hunting, and various forms of fitness!


Contact Information



(814) 298-5432

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