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Kevin Rasnick, PTA.

Physical Therapy Assistant

Kevin is a PTA and the Clinical Director at our Harrisonburg location and has been treating patients for 14 years.

Kevin was born in San Diego, CA and raised in Virginia Beach, VA. This is his second career, as he first owned and operated a landscape design and irrigation company in Virginia Beach prior to pursuing his medical education from Medical Careers Institute/ECPI in Newport News, VA. He is happily married to his wife, Amy Judy Ransack, is an avid music enthusiast, and loves sports!

Kevin has an extreme desire to provide real world knowledge, guidance, and opportunities for Pre Physical Therapy students to further and enrich our profession with qualified graduates from their chosen doctorate level academic institutions.

He also is passionate to care for, educate, and improve the lives of those in need, restoring their abilities to provide the same for their family and loved ones.

Kevin Rasnick, PTA.

Contact Information



(540) 534-1338

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