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Victoria Agud

Physical Therapist

Victoria Agud has practiced Outpatient Physical Therapy for three years. She received her BS from Bridgewater College where she studied Athletic Training. While there she worked with: softball, field hockey, men’s and women’s lacrosse, and men’s and women’s basketball. After graduating from Bridgewater in 2018, Victoria attended Murphy Deming College of Health Sciences at Mary Baldwin University and earned her Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2021. She is originally from Southwest Virginia and enjoys hiking, running, spending time with her dog, and bonfires with s’mores. 

“I believe in compassionate care for all. My goal is to get my patients back to the activities they want to be doing. I tell my patients to focus on the small wins when we are working together since they will lead to the end goal. I love getting the opportunity to help individuals of our community achieve their goals. I enjoy working with all patient populations but I have a special interest in injury prevention especially with the athletic population and outpatient pediatrics. I want to continue my education and get more training so I can better serve individuals with Parkinson’s Disease and those in need of Vestibular and Concussion Rehabilitation.” - Victoria

Victoria Agud

Contact Information



(540) 534-1338

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